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We're engaged !!

Monday 22nd August I photographed a surprise proposal for Jack & Sophie and it couldn't of been more beautiful.

It all started with a recommendation from a fabulous venue, The Coach House, Derby. .

I got an enquiry from Jack and immediately said yes. It was completely different to what I usually do so I was looking forward to the challenge!

We messaged back and forth for many weeks, brainstorming ideas and finally chose a place for me to hide... or so we thought! We actually changed the plan 10 minutes before they arrived and I'm so glad we did as It worked SO WELL. The best bit was that they didn't realise I was Infront of them for so long as they were so focused on the love between them.

I spent about 30 minutes after the proposal with them to do portraits and show off Sophie's stunning ring (Jack did well!). The Coach House, Derby has so many lovely places for portraits, I small courtyard garden that was perfect.

I then left them to it to enjoy their engagement whilst I edited the photographs. I was adamant that I wanted to edit them the next day so that they could enjoy telling the exciting news to their family and friends. They absolutely loved the photographs and it means so much to a photographer when you share your photographs and send us messages that you love them (it made me cry all over again!).

I now can't wait for another engagement shoot to happen, I'm hooked!
















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